“Often, people ask me how words can scare criminal organizations. To tell the truth, what produces fear are not the words, but rather those who read them, those who listen. The readers who want to understand the mechanisms are the real fear.”
-Roberto Saviano


Ph. © Serena Serrani

Roberto Saviano was born in Naples in 1979. He graduated in Philosophy at the Federico II University of Naples.

On March 2006 his first novel “Gomorrah” was published by Mondadori. It was translated in over 50 countries, becoming a bestseller by closing 10 million copies all over the world.
“Gomorra, a trip through the economic empire in the sign of Camorra’s domain” a novel written on the basis of true experiences, strongly adversary towards their system’s activities: a moneymaker organization spread on the whole planet, which main strength has always been that of benefiting from people’s silence, secant of the medias attention, though remaining in the margins.

A theatrical play awarded by the ‘Olimpici del Teatro 2008’, a movie with the same name awarded with Grand Prix at the Cannes Festival 2008 and a TV series by Cattleya, broadcasted on Sky TV in 2014 have been based on the book. Roberto Saviano also published “La bellezza e l’inferno” (Beauty and the Inferno) –  Mondadori 2009, “La parola contro la camorra” – Einaudi 2010, “Vieni via con me” – Feltrinelli 2011 and “ZeroZeroZero” (Feltrinelli 2013).

In Italy he collaborates with La Repubblica and L’Espresso, in the United States with the Washington Post and the New York Times, in Spain with El País, in Germany with Die Zeit, in Sweden with Expressen and Dagens Nyheter, in England with The Times. In 2010 Saviano was the protagonist (together with Fabio Fazio) of “Vieni via con me”, a TV program broadcasted on Rai3 TV, which became the event of the year as it gained the highest visualizations in the channel’s history. In 2012 they hosted together “Quello che non ho” on La7 TV and “Che tempo che fa del lunedì” on Rai3 TV.

Since October 2006 he has been living with bodyguards due to the threats received from the criminal clans that he had denounced. In 2008 different Nobel Prizes expressed him solidarity. In November of the same year he was invited by the Swedish Academy for Nobel Prize to hold a discourse on freedom of expression.